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Xylyx Bio releases advanced disease model system to improve cancer drug discovery

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Xylyx Bio releases advanced disease model system to improve cancer drug discovery

Cancer often spreads through metastasis to multiple sites in the body. Despite advances in early detection and new therapeutics, metastasis continues to cause ~90% of cancer deaths. Effective drugs remain unavailable in part because existing models fail to recreate human physiology, yielding false, misleading, and non-translatable results that slow essential developmental progress needed to prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year.

More faithful representation of disease biology is key to identify drivers of metastasis and targets for therapeutic intervention. Xylyx Bio’s IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit incorporates native tissue bone, liver, and lung extracellular matrices to provide key features of site-specific microenvironments, allowing scientists to more accurately model cancer metastasis in common secondary sites.

By providing a highly physiologic, disease-relevant system representative of complex tissue environments, the IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit improves decision making around which compounds to move forward and provides clarity and confidence that drug discovery efforts will lead to safe and effective treatments. The IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit is applicable to both 2D and 3D in-vitro models and is compatible with high-throughput screening, multiple cell types, drug classes, and downstream analysis methods.

Andrea Nye, CEO of Xylyx Bio, stated: “Xylyx is shifting the paradigm from entrenched, non-predictive in vitro models to more accurate and actionable IN MATRICO™ models. Xylyx Bio’s IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit has been validated by multiple external, independent collaborators and customers, with results proving the ability to model disease biology and increase predictability of drug efficacy.”

About Xylyx Bio
Xylyx Bio provides its specialized biomaterials and corresponding clinical data and contract R&D services to leading scientists globally in academia, biotech, and pharma. By enabling insight into disease biology and the efficacy of drug candidates, Xylyx is implementing a new vision for how advanced biological systems can contribute to improved health and quality of life for patients in need.

Media Contact
Tanya Yankelevich
Director of Product Management
Xylyx Bio, Inc.
[email protected]

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