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PHARMAC Acknowledges The Work Of Pharmacists

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PHARMAC Acknowledges The Work Of Pharmacists

As millions of pharmacists celebrate the 10th anniversary
of World Pharmacists Day tomorrow, PHARMAC’s Chief
Executive Sarah Fitt acknowledges the extraordinary work
done by New Zealand pharmacists and pharmacy staff this

“It feels appropriate as we mark World
Pharmacists Day 2020 to acknowledge vital work our community
and hospital pharmacists do to serve their communities so
well, despite the challenges COVID-19 continues to bring,”
says Ms Fitt.

Before joining PHARMAC, Sarah Fitt spent
12 years as Chief Pharmacist at Auckland City Hospital and
before that worked as a clinical pharmacist in the NHS
specialising in HIV, intensive care and hepatology. She is
one of 13 PHARMAC staff who have also worked as pharmacists.
Sarah understands the pressures faced by our pharmacists and
believes both community and hospital pharmacists have done a
great job supporting their patients throughout the COVID-19
lockdown and through the recent alert levels.

has slowed or halted activities in manufacturing plants and
impacted the importation of medicines and devices globally.
As a result there has been increasing disruption to supply.
Some medicines have had to stay on, or return to, monthly
dispensing, other medicines have had to temporarily change
brands. PHARMAC has appreciated the support that pharmacists
and pharmacy staff have provided to their patients to ensure
they continue to receive their medicines.

priority is to ensure all New Zealanders have access to
funded medicines and medical devices, and because of the
amazing work of community and hospital pharmacists around
New Zealand we have been able to continue to do this, even
during a global pandemic.

“And for that, we say
thank you,” concludes Ms


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